Andrea Li is an independent jewelry designer since 2008 with 11+ years of experience using Pinterest. She has worked with several Pinterest internal teams to steer product development and their Customer Success team to launch the Pioneer Program inside the Pinterest Business Community as a founding member. She specializes in organic online marketing strategies specifically tailored to small product-based e-commerce businesses coaching dozens of students through Flourish and Thrive. She founded Red Pin Geek, a company that offers coaching, consulting, live training presentations, digital products, and account management to help other makers with their Pinterest marketing.

Past Guest Judges

2023 - Michelle (Haumont) Moyer   2023 - Michelle (Haumont) Moyer

2022 - Adam Kenney   2022 - Adam Kenney

2021 - Robin Kramer   2021 - Robin Kramer

2020 - Sarah Rachel Brown   2020 - Sarah Rachel Brown

2019 - Liz Kantner   2019 - Liz Kantner

2018 - Michael David Sturlin   2018 - Michael David Sturlin

2017 - Marthe Le Van   2017 - Marthe Le Van

2016 - Cathleen McCarthy   2016 - Cathleen McCarthy

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